Brian Badcock Gallery

Purchasing a painting

If you email Brian with your details or fill in the form, Brian will contact you to confirm your order. If required, Brian will post you a large photograph of the painting for closer inspection, along with information regarding freight costs and international exchange rates if appropriate.


You can purchase an artwork by paying regular installments, with the painting held in storage for you until payment is completed. For example, you could pay as little as $50 deposit and the balance will be spread over six or twelve months with no interest charged.

Credit Cards

Visa, MasterCard and American Express payment facilities are available at the gallery.


All the paintings are priced in New Zealand dollars. You can use this New Zealand Currency Calculator if you need to convert prices to some common currencies.


The freight cost varies depending on the dimesions of the painting and where it is being sent to. Brian will contact you to confirm your order, advise you of any extra costs involved and arrange to send your painting to you.


You are purchasing a unique artwork. Please check with your insurance company to ensure you will be adequately insured from the time you receive your painting.


All care has been take to reproduce the images on this site as accurately as possible from photographs of the original work. However, there may be differences in colour and tone due to settings of your monitor or browser, or when viewed in different environments. For best viewing, we recommend your computer display should be set to either 16-bit (HiColor) or 32-bit (TrueColor) modes.