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Thank-you for viewing my new website and trust you find this work edifying. This website will continue to be updated with new works so please continue to visit it.

My thanks go to my daughter Janina and her friends Sam Douglas and Jamie Ferguson who have done the difficult task of setting up this website.

The Indian paintings were done in India from November 2007 to the end of February 2008 where Krupa, my wife, Olivia and Caleb and John and Patsy Madsen were involved in missionary, self-help and development projects. On the 25th of October we have an auction at our gallery in Blenheim to raise money to buy milking buffaloes to provide income for poor village families. Feel free to place a bid on any paintings you view on our website or write a note with your bid and contact details to:

Brian Badcock Gallery
22 Leitrim St
New Zealand

Or alternatively phone us on (national) 03 5783938 (international) 00 643 5783938.

On returning to New Zealand I set off for Mount Cook National Park, an environment I consider “home” a place I spent much time as a young boy on my father’s many painting trips. With my small caravan packed at Glen Tanner Motor Camp and my four wheel drive parked with my painting gear I am able to paint “on site” the paintings you can view in the “Mount Cook” gallery.

It is a humbling experience standing in front of Mt Sefton towering up in front of you. Dad used to say to me “paint it as if you are climbing it.” When finished and picked off the sand flies out of the wet paint I felt satisfied I had climbed my mountain. Packing my painting gear in the back of the truck I’m off to find my next painting subject for the next day. This winter I have done a number of paintings in the studio of abandoned houses which express the New Zealand which is disappearing. I will add these to the website once photographed. Keep in touch, send a comment.

Kind Regards,

Brian Badcock